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Personalized Ritual Creation

Be it in times of happiness (marriage, birth, b’nai mitzvah) or mourning (funerals, memorial services, shiva) or during illness or crises, life is full of moments when we might yearn for ritual practices. Together, we will co-create lifecycle rituals that interweave the sacred with that which is meaningful and resonant for you. 

Rituals I Facilitate: 

Jewish Rituals

Wedding Officiation

Kabbalat Shabbat

Prayer Services (weekdays, Shabbat, and holidays)



Pre-B’nai Mitzvah Preparation and B’Mitzvah Officiation

Witnessing and Co-facilitating Conversions 

Pastoral and End of Life care


Mens’ Circles

Celebrating the New and Full Moon

Memorials/Grief Ceremonies 

Meditation Facilitation

Dance and MoveMeant Workshops


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"Yonatan is a wellspring of Eastern and Jewish wisdom with a unique presence and an authentic voice. I have no doubt that anyone who works with Yonatan will be captivated by his inspiring and soulful facilitation capabilities in a way that connects them with their higher selves."

Shani Hasten, Founding and Executive Director of Kala Yoga, Israel


Yonatan is an educational bridge between spirituality and Judaism, body and soul. He is dedicated to collaborations, always open and opening himself and others to personal and professional horizons. Yonatan's humanity and open heartedness invites others to learn, co-create and feel safe in any ritual, community or educational program Yonatan leads. I thank him for his ongoing nourishment in the spiritual world and in mine

Moria Gabsi, Global Educator and Wellness Expert



"Yonatan’s rituals offered diverse entry points for exploring the sacred at Pele,the emerging young adult community he founded in Be’er Sheva, Israel). In the Shabbat services, he integrated poetry, meditation, sacred chanting circles, movement, partner learning and creative writing. As a traditional Jew who does not connect with (Jewish ) orthodoxy, Yonatan's rituals brought me to feel more connected with my ancestral heritage and Jewish values than any synagogue in town. I developed soul friendships through his rituals and they helped me feel connected and embraced throughout the weekend. It amazes me how in such a prayerful experience Yonatan succeeds in creating a community of warm hearted people who gracefully open up in a vulnerable way".

Tohar, A Graduate of the Gender studies from Ben Gurion University,  A Feminist Activist

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