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Embodying Sacred Texts Workshops

Embark on a journey of voice and breath exercises, movement techniques, and meditation accompanied by live music rooted in ancient spiritual traditions. I am the three-time award winner of the Be Wise Jewish Entrepreneurial Fellowship for MoveMeant: Embodying Sacred Texts workshops. I also won the 92nd Street Y Jewish Innovation Fellowship for this signature.  I have co-created over 150 in-person and online MoveMeant workshops in diverse Jewish and interfaith settings across the world including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Israel, South Africa, and India alongside world-class musicians and cantorial students.

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“A special journey integrating body and soul, mindfulness and live music. I warmly recommend this beautiful experience.”

Dr. Melila Hellner Eshed, Professor of Jewish Mysticism


"Yonatan’s  energy and passion for dance shines through and is evident by the way he pours his heart into MoveMeant. Yonatan’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity is commendable. It’s wonderful to see his commitment to fostering a space where people from all backgrounds can connect through the art of dance. As a Sufi practitioner, I ought to emphasize that his dance is a vibrant expression of universal themes such as love, mercy, peace, and unity. Keep dancing, keep loving, keep moving, and keep spreading your spirituality  through your infinite energy". 

Mohammad, Sufi practitioner and Chaplain,

New York


"I felt that all dimensions of my body and soul were being nourished; that I could be fully present in body, while relating to Spiritual themes and prayer. Yonatan has a special way of bringing together novices and expert dancers, making everyone feel at ease, and creating a special sense of unity in the group as a whole."


Rachel Shlomit, A Developmental psychologist, 


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