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Entrepreneurial Consultant


Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Nonprofit, I have the experience that can help shape, creatively grow, and implement your visions.

I offer one-on-one business consultation for Individuals, Businesses, and Entrepreneurial Projects in the following fields:

  1. Ideation, Brainstorming, & Realization 

  2. Strategy-Building

  3. Branding & Marketing 

  4. Community Organizing

  5. Public Speaking & Narrative Writing 

  6. Design Thinking

My Experience

I am a graduate of the Morton Mandel Social Entrepreneurship MBA program at Ben Gurion University. During my studies, I was selected to represent the school in a study case competition in Montreal, Canada, and I offered entrepreneurial consultation for the NPO Young Caritas Belgium. 

  • ​Entrepreneurial consultant to projects and emerging communities for goal-shaping, marketing strategies, and enhanced community building, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Jerusalem Municipal Young Adult Department East Jerusalem, grassroots Arab-Jewish communities, and SlowCocoa Mindful chocolate company.


  • Engaged Jewish communities, empowering them to connect their vision with innovative business tools and branding, market segmentation strategy, and sustainable partnership models, including Rashut Harabim, a nonprofit for the renewal of Jewish life in Jerusalem. 

  • Founder and Co-Facilitator of an emerging young adult community in Be'er Sheva offering artistic Shabbat experiences and home-based gatherings. Supported by the Shabbat Unplugged initiative of Shaarim and the Avi Chai Foundation. 


  • Founder and Co-Facilitator of Together and Beyond (Mabad-Mibad). A young adult community of East and West Jerusalem residents that aims to deepen relationships and increase opportunities through grassroots social activism, entrepreneurship, and social impact.


“Yonatan is a soulful entrepreneur who can be a key player in any team. He is a creative thinker, problem-solver, a clear communicator and organized facilitator. He envisions a strategy and harnesses collaborators for its success. He knows how to work out all the essential factors of the idea and to execute it. You will gain if you work with him.”

Inbar Bluzer Shalem, CEO Rashut Harabim, Jerusalem, Israel

“Yonatan is one of the most out-of-the-box, creative entrepreneurs and "do-ers" I know. He leads by example, harnessing social media and his extensive network within the Jewish and interfaith communities in NYC, Israel and beyond, to create engaging educational and multimedia content infused with spiritual values, texts, and his drive to organize communal/personal change and self-discovery.”

Kobi Goodwin, Founder of SlowCocoa, a mindful vegan Chocolate factory, New York

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